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Environmentally Friendly Green Outdoor and Indoor Display Products

If your business is interested in reducing the impact it has on the earth, you can be eco-friendly by purchasing a green trade show booth! That’s right. At EXHIB-IT!, we want to help you make a difference in the environment by purchasing display booths that are constructed of renewable, recycled and recyclable materials.

We Provide Green Trade Show Booths that are Functional AND Eco-Friendly
By choosing to go green, you won’t be missing anything with regard to functionality. We offer many options to make your display booth an environmentally friendly one. Whether you want to purchase a primarily green trade show booth or add green accessories to your already existing booth, EXHIB-IT! can give you what you need.

You can transform your current display booth or get a new green trade show booth that will be good for the environment.

We Enable You to Make a Good Choice for Your Business and the Environment
Because there are an estimated 1.2 million business meetings, trade shows and conventions each year, the environment can be negatively impacted. By purchasing items or display booths that are green, you can help alleviate some of the negative impact that
businesses have on the environment. And, because we give you so many choices, you decide how green you want to go. 

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Green Trade Show Displays
Green banners and trade show displays are designed specifically to help lower your carbon footprint on the environment while still saving you money. The natural elements used such as bamboo and wood are fantastic alternatives to the plastics found in most of your trade show products on the market today. They are sure to help you draw more attention to your place of business.
Green Trade Show Accessories
Why not add a friendly alternative to your trade show space with our selections of eco-friendly and green trade show flooring. Using the highest standards while lowering our foot print we are helping to save the environment while not sacrificing your trade show presence or product quality. 

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New to displays?
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