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Double Deck Truss Display Kits

Double Deck Truss Display Kits

Our Double Deck Truss Displays are pre-engineered to meet most convention center ADA compliance requirements and assemble fast. While other sizes and shapes are available, we have pre-engineered kits showing you the most common sizes to give you a quick overview for out of the box solutions. Keep in mind that in most cities, a deck with one stairway has a maximum occupancy of 9 occupants so larger decks should generally have more stairways.

Contact us today to add a fabulous double deck display to your trade show booth to maximize your exhibiting space!

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  • 30'x30' Growtivity Double Deck Truss Display

    Product ID: TRS-BGB-Growtivity
    The 30' x 30' Growtivity Double Deck Truss Display Kit features a 9' x 26' deck, with a straight staircase and an extended landing.  The staircase is tucked behind a feature wall while the landing end is open to walk through.  The upstairs lounge is very spacious and the downstairs is completely defined by a perimeter of EZ612 truss!  Three bowed Hyperlite signs mount to the deck for branding.

    Product Features:

    1. Lightweight frame
    2. Graphic ready fabric
    3. Can accept magnetic graphics
    4. Can be broken down into smaller exhibits

    Call for GSA Pricing Call for GSA Pricing  USA Flag- Made in the USA Made in the USA


    1. Structural truss system
    2. Stairs
    3. Wall frames and doors
    4. Rails
    5. Deck boards
    6. Lights
    7. Ceilings
    8. 1/4” Frosted plex rail infills
    9. Hyperlite signs with fabric graphics
    10. Unprinted sintra infills and wall panels
    11. (04) Crates

    Additional options shown but NOT included in price
    1. (02) 30" Diameter bistro table
    2. (04) Curve back pack stools
    3. (01) 6' Long EZ612 Counter w/ graphics
    4. (02) Leather lounge chairs
    5. (01) Sectional sofas
    6. 5' EZ612 Side table w/ shelf
    7. (12) Curve back pack chairs
    8. Graphic Upgrade (printed column infills)
    9. Graphic Upcgrade (printed wall panels)
    *Graphics as shown on truss display
    *Price does not include flooring
    *Available Powder Coat colors - Bengal Black, Grey, Bengal Blue, Bengal Red, Bengal White, Bengal Orange, Bengal Yellow, Bengal Silver, DB 601 Glimmer, Jeans Metallic, P 14 Glimmer, Sahara Gold, Wrinkle Black
    *Available laminate colors (If ordering laptop shelves, laminate shelves, or a counter): Black, Graphite Nebula, Grey Nebula, White, Manitoba Maple, Fusion Maple, Natural Pear, Windswept Pewter

    Product Specifications:

    1. Dimensions:
      Deck footprint: 9'7" x 25'8"
      Footprint with stairs/landing: 13'9" x 25'8"
      Rail height: 13'1"
      Ceiling height: 8'7"
      Overall height: 13'7"
    2. Product weight: 7,000 lbs.
    3. Warranty
    4. Download our artwork setup guidelines
    5. View color swatches

    30'x30' Growtivity Double Deck Truss Display
    30'x30' Growtivity Double Deck Truss Display30'x30' Growtivity Double Deck Truss Display30'x30' Growtivity Double Deck Truss Display
    30'x30' Growtivity Double Deck Truss Display30'x30' Growtivity Double Deck Truss Display30'x30' Growtivity Double Deck Truss Display
    30'x30' Growtivity Double Deck Truss Display

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New to displays?
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