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Trade Show Rollable Vinyl Flooring

At EXHIB-IT!, we offer so many types of flooring that you are sure to be satisfied. Our rollable vinyl trade show flooring solutions are perfect for easy layout, and our selections offer environmentally-friendly options for the green exhibitor. You really can’t go wrong when you choose one of our rollable flooring solutions.

Rollable Trade Show Flooring Gives You a Beautiful Trade Show Floor in Just Minutes
If you are looking for an easily-assembled and stored flooring option for your trade show booth, look no further. These rollable flooring solutions are perfect for large booths that need to be set up quickly because you literally just roll out the floor.

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  • Comfort Flooring


    Premium Comfort floor is our most popular rollable trade show flooring option as it offers the highest quality cushioned vinyl.  Comfort flooring not only looks and feels great in your booth space, it also sets up easily: simply unpack and unroll!

    Standard colors: Maple, Black Oak, Chocolate Oak, Blue Oak, Natural Oak, and Grey Oak
    Available in rolls of 4’11” x 33’6” OR 4’11” x 67’


    1. Commercial grade/non-porous 
    2. 1/4" Thick anti-fatigue
    3. Flexible and rollable
    4. Lays flat on application
    5. Clear polyurethane top layer for maintenance free protection
    6. Non skid
    7. UPS/FedEx shippable
    8. Slip resistant foam backing

    USA Flag- Made in the USA Made in the USA

    Product Specifications:

      10' x 10' Space: 
    1. (2) 4'11" x 10' pieces 
    2. Actual size: 9'10"x 10'

    3. 10' x 20' Space:
    4. (2) 4'11" x 20' pieces 
    5. Actual size: 9'10"x 20'

    6. 10' x 30' Space:
    7. (2) 4'11" x 10' pieces and
    8. (2) 4'11" x 20' pieces
    9. Actual size: 9'10"x 30'

    10. 10' x 40' Space:
    11. (4) 4'11" x 20' pieces 
    12. Actual size: 9'10"x 40'

    13. 20' x 20' Space:
    14. (4) 4'11" x 20' pieces 
    15. Actual size: 19'8"x 20'

    Comfort Floor material weighs 92 lbs per 100 sq ft.


    Comfort Flooring
    Comfort FlooringComfort FlooringComfort Flooring

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