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Nomadic Display Cases

An exhibit display case will extend the life of your convention exhibit banners and artwork. Nomadic trade show display cases are known for manufacturing durable trade show display cases that come in an array of sizes and configurations for shipping, storing, and carrying your exhibit components.

We have flat, round, and padded nylon carry trade show cases, which are perfect for convention display cloths, booth coverings, and large graphic printouts. Oval and round molded hard carry cases work well for transporting larger convention displays. All our cases are designed to get your display materials to the show, to your booth, and back again without damage.
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  • The RollMax Case

    Product ID: CS-ND-ROLLMAX

    The RollMax shipping case is made of double-wall, rotationally molded plastic for maximum durability and protection. RollMax is designed to fit through standard doorways and elevators, has a wide forklift entry and panel identification labels, and features a front-loading design for easy loading and unpacking. A RollMax case holds a typical 10’x 20’ Platinum custom modular display.

    Product Features:

    1. Double wall rotationally molded polyethylene
    2. Forklift accessible
    3. Wide opening hinged door
    4. Maximum panel size: 45.28” x 46.50”
    5. Each display ships with custom assembly instructions
    6. Case packs approximately 200 sq ft of trade show display

    Call for GSA Pricing Call for GSA Pricing  USA Flag- Made in the USA Made in the USA


    1. (1) RollMax Case

    Product Specifications:

    1. Outside dimensions: 60.5"h x 34"w x 56"d
    2. Inside dimensions: 51"h x 29"w x 51"d
    3. Product weight packed: 850 lbs.
    4. Product weight empty: 173 lbs.
    5. Warranty: 1 year

    The RollMax Case
    The RollMax Case

New to displays? get educated

New to displays?
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