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LED Trade Show Stem Lights

LED stem lights are the best of both worlds. Combining high quality light output and energy savings with customization and versatility you come to expect from Light Craft Manufacturing. LED stem lights are the future of display lighting; because of their durability and high quality light output, they are an excellent addition to any exhibit.
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  • LED Stem Light SL-511

    Product ID: LTG-LC-SL-511-LED

    The 12-volt, SL-511 LED Stem Light features a mesh hood that enshrouds the light bulb and is available in a Black, White, or Silver finish. It has a 16” long stem and includes a 7-watt (540 lm) Neutral-white (4000K) LED lamp and Power Supply.

    Product Features:
    1. Mesh hood enshrouds lamp
    2. Custom stems and mounting brackets available
    3. Finish: Black, White, or Silver
    4. Las Vegas Approved

    USA Flag- Made in the USA Made in the USA

    Product Specifications:
    1. Fixture Dimensions: Ø 2.875” x 2.875” Tall
    2. Stem: 16” long x 0.5” OD
    3. Swivel Action: 340° H, 170° V
    4. Mounting Bracket: B2036-30 (Standard)
    5. Wire Lead: 10’ long, Requires 12V power-supply
    6. Lamp: 7-watt (540 lm) Neutral-white (4000K) LED lamp, and Power-Supply

    LED Stem Light SL-511
    LED Stem Light SL-511LED Stem Light SL-511LED Stem Light SL-511
    LED Stem Light SL-511LED Stem Light SL-511

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New to displays?
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