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Pop Up Trade Show Accessories

Pop Up Display Accessories

When you’ve taken the time to pick out a pop up display system that represents your company well, you can’t stop there. Accessories keep your Pop Up Display system looking amazing and working great!

Choosing some attractive and functional accessories can help you create a space that makes people want to stay a while.

Accessories Get Your Pop Up Display System Noticed
When you purchase accessories for your pop up display, you can enjoy some great benefits. For example, purchasing a monitor mount allows you to have cutting edge technology at your booth by displaying multimedia on your LCD or plasma screen. Deciding on ladder shelves or external shelves can give you specific spaces for product displays, making your booth look professional and tidy.

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  • RollOne Trade Show Case to Counter Kit

    Product ID: CNT-ND-ROLLONE
    The RollOne case can be upgraded to an economy counter option or premium counter option. Economy counter top is a thin piece of black Sintra, which sits inside the recessed lid on the case. Economy fabric wrap features a sock-like Lycra wrap to disguise the appearance of the shipping case.

    The premium counter top is a one piece laminated countertop which sits on top of the case. It covers the entire lid of the shipping case and offers additional workspace. The premium counter wrap is a Velcro receptive fabric which wraps around the case and graphic can easily be applied to.

    Product Features:

    1. Velcro ready fabric wrap
    2. Wheels are built into the case
    3. Molded handle for ease of use
    4. The original pop up manufacturer

    Call for GSA Pricing Call for GSA Pricing  USA Flag- Made in the USA Made in the USA

    1. (1) FabriColor case wrap
    2. (1) Top blotter counter (Black)

    Options NOT Included in Price:
    1. RollOne Case

    Product Specifications:
    1. 42''w x 40''h x 24''d
    2. Approximate Weights:
      Packed: 124 lbs.
      DIM: 85 lbs.
    3. Warranty: 90 Days Fabric & Graphics/One Year on Countertop

    Download Graphic Template
    Download Our Artwork Setup Guidelines

    RollOne Trade Show Case to Counter Kit
    RollOne Trade Show Case to Counter KitRollOne Trade Show Case to Counter KitRollOne Trade Show Case to Counter Kit
    RollOne Trade Show Case to Counter KitRollOne Trade Show Case to Counter Kit

New to displays? get educated

New to displays?
get educated

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