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Outdoor Event Gazebos

Outdoor Event Gazebos

With large scale graphics on our Outdoor Event Gazebos, your business brand or logo can be seen from far away, giving you more visibility. Additionally, the outdoor gazebos offer shelving and counter space, which makes displaying products or conducting demos easy in your outdoor portable gazebo. The top cover also provides relief from the sun for your staff and potential clients.

Outdoor Gazebos Come in Many Shapes and Sizes for the Look You Want
Depending on the purpose of the outdoor gazebo, you can decide among a variety of shapes to suit your needs. If you are looking for something to provide concessions or a registration counter, we offer outdoor portable gazebos in smaller shapes and sizes. But, if you want to create a space for people to enter, we also offer large hexagonal gazebos that allow multiple people to be inside at once. Additionally, these gazebos provide shelves and counter space for product demos or displays.

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  • 4' House Gazebo

    Product ID: GZ-GG-4 FT HOUSE

    This 4 Foot Rectangular House Gazebo is lightweight and portable, and provides a good presence with sturdy furniture grade PVC framework. This Outdoor-Indoor Printed Gazebo is offered in three configurations to meet your specific needs. Each 4 foot design is offered for promotions where space is limited and will fit on the end of an aisle for in-store usage or you can use outdoors.

    2 person set-up in approximately 5 minutes. 1 person capacity.

    Product Features:

    1. Completely versatile and portable
    2. Small enough to fit into a 4x4 area
    3. Furniture grade pvc framework
    4. 2 person setup in under 5 minutes
    5. Digital graphic options
    6. Marine grade counters
    7. 55 square feet of advertising space
    8. Graphic materials are flame retardant
    9. Available in 16 standard colors

     USA Flag- Made in the USA Made in the USA


    1. (1) Furniture Grade PVC Framework
    2. (1) Assembled Bottom Folding Frame
    3. (1) FDA-Approved Marine Grade Counters
    4. (1) Unprinted Marine Vinyl Valance & Skirt
    5. Heavy Duty Soft Side Carrying Cases
    6. (1) Assembly/Care Instructions

    Optional upgrade accessories not included in price:

    1. Under Counter Shelf
    2. 4 Foot Caster Set (8)
    3. Adjustable Cash Box Shelf

    Product Specifications:

    1. Product weight: 65 lbs
    2. Front width: 4'
    3. Depth: 3' 9"
    4. Height: 7' 11"
    5. Counter height: 38"
    6. Counter size: 19" x 47.75"
    7. Advertising space: 55 square feet
    8. 1 Year warranty against manufacturer defects

    Design Templates:

    To accommodate all design needs we have put together a template one sheet for this product to help a designer better understand the exact design specifications.

    Download Graphic Templates:
    1. PDF File Format:  Skirt  |  Roof
    2. Zip File Format:  All Files

    Download Our Artwork Setup Guidelines

    4' House Gazebo
    4' House Gazebo4' House Gazebo4' House Gazebo
    4' House Gazebo4' House Gazebo4' House Gazebo
    4' House Gazebo4' House Gazebo4' House Gazebo

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